Solution - Term Limits; a federal government that operates within the limits of The Constitution; and The Rule of Law.

Problem - Statists / Socialists / Marxists and their supporters. The road to hell is paved with good (naïve) intentions.

Aggregators - Noise filter.

Leaders - "Progressives" are not progressive - this list is progressive: advanced reformists moving forward.

Housing Disaster - Culprits of the housing disaster; the reason homes used to be unaffordable and the reason many homes are now underwater; the creators of the bubble and the reason why the bubble burst.

Health Disaster - Culprits of unaffordalbe health care and unaffordable health insurance.

Economic Disaster - Culprits of our continuing economic crisis:  approximately 20% U6 / underemployment, approximately 10% U3 / unemployment, unaffordable health care and unaffordable health insurance, an increasing amount of underwater homes and vacant homes, stagnant growth, unsustainable deficits / debt / unfunded liabilities, poor banking regulations causing higher fees and lower savings rates, real negative interest rates, decreasing tax revenues despite rising tax rates, and general economic hardships currently being experienced by most Americans.

Policy - If you think the problems created by government are bad, just wait until you see their solutions.

Markets - Once in a while the government doesn't interfere with the market process.  Once in a great while.

Fed - Fed, Treasury, SEC, CFTC, FDIC, Zimbabwe Ben Bernanke, and TurboTax Timmy Geithner.

State - The once great state of NY is now one of few states with consistently decreasing population.

Bonds - Bonds, debt, credit, rates, and swaps.

Tech - Technological innovation has led to a more efficient dissemination of information.

Markit - CNBC is ignorant to the importance of the credit / rates / debt markets - you shouldn't be.

Media - Because even a broken clock is right twice a day.

EURIBOR - Euro interbank offered rate... remember the Euro?

Bloomberg - Excellent market data, poor market commentary, awful political commentary.

Reuters - Average market data, average market commentary, awful political commentary.

Financial Times - The best U.K. newspaper (not exactly a compliment).

Wall Street Journal - The best U.S. newspaper (not exactly a compliment).