Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New York State Government Corruption

Where to begin.  Vito Lopez is finally out of the Assembly, however his 'non-profit' received over $420k from the New York City Council.  Who better to administer 'non-profit' funding than Vito Lopez?

Ethics Panel Fines Lopez $330,000 in Harassment Case

Lopez is not alone...

New York corruption probe: Names released of 7 elected officials recorded by disgraced state Sen. Shirley Huntley

John Sampson:
U.S. Attorney Slams John Sampson’s ‘Extreme Examples of Political Hubris’

Indictment of John L. Sampson

Malcolm Smith:
Jumping From Party to Party to Bribery Charge

Troubles Continue For Sen. Malcolm Smith — Hit With Alarming New Charge

Malcolm in the Muddle

Velmanette Montgomery:
State Sen. Velmanette Montgomery Named in Federal Investigation

Ruth Hassell-Thompson:
Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson among officials recorded for feds 

Jose Peralta:
Jose Peralta's Role in FBI Probe Brings Attention to Seat's History

Eric Adams:
Brooklyn Borough prez hopeful Eric Adams among  the 7 names of officials recorded by feds

Some older incidents...

Kevin Parker:
Senator Convicted of Misdemeanor Charges in Clash With Photographer (he was cleared of more serious felony assault charges)

Pedro Espada:
Crooked ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. sentenced to 5 years in prison for embezzlement

Carl Krueger:
Former State Senator Is Sentenced to 7 Years in Vast Bribery Case

Hiram Monserrate:
Hiram Monserrate sentenced to 2 years in prison for corruption

And of course, Sheldon Silver (the KING of corruption):

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver sued over $103K sexual harassment settlement

NYers Pay $500/Hour To Defend Sheldon Silver From Gropez Lawsuit

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver sued for using taxpayer money in Albany sex scandal pay-off

Voters Think Silver Should Resign, Poll Finds

Gov. Cuomo considering ousting Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver over Albany scandals

Private citizen sues Speaker Sheldon Silver, demands he repay taxpayers for secret Lopez settlement

Silver, others ‘targeted’ Lopez accusers

Two Vito Lopez sexual harassment victims file lawsuits in state and federal courts against Lopez and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver

And now for some humor.  Our brilliant Governor has a genius plan to help solve the corruption plaguing New York State - he is calling on the state legislature to pass 'anti-corruption' laws on themselves - of which he, the righteous Governor will surely enforce.  Not surprising, since he has also failed to respect our Second Amendment rights and believes that firearms are only used for hunting deer.  The man is a genius.

Is it now time to get serious about fixing New York?


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