Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mark Levin on the Democrat Party

Mark Levin brought up some history of the Democrat Party during his show on March 29, 2013:

"The real racists, ladies and gentlemen, they're are on the left.  They have a grand history.  Oh yes.  In fact they call their favorite racists 'the grand this' and 'the grand that' [referring to Democrat Senator Robert Byrd, former KKK recruiter, before serving as President pro tempore four times when the Democrat Party held the Senate].

But lest we forget, the Democrat Party not only defended slavery but promoted slavery.  Lest we forget the Democrat Party not only defended segregation, it promoted segregation.  It was the party of racism.  The Republican Party was founded as the abolitionist party, as the anti-slavery party.  The Republican Party has never stood for slavery.  The Republican Party has never stood for segregation.  Ever.  I can't think of single Republican Governor who stood in the school house door to prevent African American children from going to elementary school, or junior high, or high school.  But I can think of a number of Democrat Governors.  I can't think of a single Republican Attorney General who tapped Martin Luther King's phone either.  We have a Democrat Attorney General who did.  The left's great hero Woodrow Wilson; a bigot with a capital "B", a racist with a capital "R".  Some progress had been made by his predecessors, both Republicans, Theodore Roosevelt and Howard Taft toward integrating the federal government.  Do you know what Wilson did?  He put out orders to re-segregate wherever there had been integration.  This is the leading public figure of the time of the Democrat Party and of the progressive movement.  That's the history of the Democrat Party.  The Democrat Party was schizophrenic on Civil Rights.  It was a party fighting with itself.  A party fighting with itself.

But there's a common thread, believe it or not even from slavery to today - and I'm not saying that they promote slavery today, that would be absurd - but what they do promote is the destruction of the individual.  Not the same way they used to support the destruction of the individual, now they destroy the individual by claiming to stand for the individual.  And yet they smother the individual, they tax the individual, they punish the individual if a person is successful.  They claim that it's not the individual's own success; if you look at a guy like Ben Carson.  Who's attacking Ben Carson?  The left.  Why?  Because he is successful.  Because Ben Carson is saying 'hey everybody: don't listen to them, listen to me, I have a story to tell, I used to be like them, now look at me, look what I've accomplished and here's how I've done it, here's the prescription'.  And there's nothing worse than an individual who's demonstrated you can be independent, be successful, be a contributing member of society - because then the whole game is up.  The whole game is up.  Ben Carson came out of the ghetto, he came out of Detroit, and look - the head neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins - one of the greatest hospitals in the world.  Rather than hold this man up as a living example of what's possible, the left tries to destroy him.  The left tries to destroy him.  It's an old communist, Soviet, Maoist technique.  Castro did it and does it.  Hugo Chavez did it.  They all do it.  They all do it and it's grotesque.  And what they do is they make success a bad word and those who actually are successful are made out to be bad people.


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