Monday, January 7, 2013


It seems as if everything is being destroyed.  The law, the currency, the family, and the individual.

The law is being disregarded, particularly supreme law.  The Constitution is supreme law and to disregard whenever convenient sets a dangerous precedent.  When the government disobeys their own laws it is acting in a tyranical manner.

The currency is being eroded, and it is the only currency allowed by law.  Quantitative easing, debt issuance being purchased by our own Federal Reserve Bank, and lack of a proper budget (a process that controls spending and has been ignored for years under the Senate Majority Dictator Harry Reid) all lead to more irresponsible spending, credit risk, and currency debasement.  The problem is that this currency is the only one allowed by law.  Citizens and subjects have to follow laws.  Regimes and Dictators are obviously above the law.

The family is being disassembled with an ever-increasing amount of people relying on their government instead of their family.  As Jonah Goldberg outlines in Liberal Fascism, Hillary Clinton's grotesquely deformed concept of civil society (page 339) pursues the creation of a society in which everyone is responsible for everyone else's child.  Aparently Hillary Clinton has never heard (or comprehended) the quote "If everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority".  In her ideal world, we are all responsible for everyone else's children and it is the role of "society" to raise children.  When society fails, the government steps in.  Although Hillary Clinton lost her run for President in 2008, her vision is being pursued by others that are far more ruthless than her.

Individual rights are being eroded as well.  The IRS confiscates more of the product of your labor.  The TSA molests citizens in the name of "security" and have yet to prevent any major attack against our country.  Religious freedoms are being eroded by the new "health care" law.  Second Amendment rights will soon face yet even more attempts at blatant violation, despite recent progress.

It is very difficult to remain optimistic for the future of our country.


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