Monday, October 1, 2012

The Power of the Purse

"The power of the purse" resides with Congress, specifically the House of Representatives, in the federal government.  The fact that Bill Clinton is trying to claim the credit for balancing the budget four straight years in the 1990's is sad.  

The 1995 Republican majority in the House of Representatives (the first in 46 years) coupled with the 1995 Republican majority in the Senate (the first in 8 years) led to responsible federal spending.  Before 1995, the Republicans had not controlled both chambers of Congress since 1949 (after only two years of having majorities in both the House and Senate).  Bill Clinton only stopped vetoing the Republicans spending cuts because he realized he would have to compromise if he were to receive re-election.  Perhaps he knew that he could try to take credit (despite his multiple vetoes) years later for "balancing the budget".  Bill Clinton is a political hack that looks out mainly for himself.  Our current President is a radical ideologue that has shown zero ability to compromise throughout his political career.   

Our current Congress has not passed a budget in years due to a corrupt Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.  Reid has blocked all budgets passed in the House (where the budgets should be deriving from) so that the Democrat Party can continue to spend like drunken Marxists under the Teleprompter's administration

Published: June 08, 1995

President Clinton vetoed his first bill today, striking down a plan to cut $16.4 billion in spending this year and marking a new phase in his confrontation with the Republican-controlled Congress.


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