Sunday, October 7, 2012


Do we currently have a Commander-in-Chief or a Complainer-in-Chief?  Blaming all the world's problems on someone else and only taking responsibility for the positives is not leadership.

Celebrity-in-Chief?  Appearing on morning talk shows and late night comedy shows diminishes the office of the President of the United States, and indicates a distorted view on priorities.

A true Commander-in-Chief would not make the following mistakes:

Barry Salutes Navy “Corpse-Man”
Barry Mispronounces "Corpsman" At Prayer Breakfast
Barry Mispronounces Navy 'Corpsman' at Prayer Breakfast


Barry Thinks U.S. Soldiers Use AK-47's
Barry and the AK-47
Barry’s Urban League Speech: AK-47’s for America’s Enemies, Gun Control for American Citizens


Barry Botches Rank of Top Navy SEAL, Calling Admiral William McRaven a General
Barry Botches Rank Of Top Navy SEAL...
Barry is so Proud of Admiral McRaven, He Just Promoted Him to General


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