Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Department of Education and The Small Business Administration

What do The Department of Education and The Small Business Administration have in common?  Both are counterproductive and neither should exist.  Does this mean that we are anti-education and against small business?  Absolutely not.  The reason as to why we are against both bureaucracies existing is because we are pro-education and proponents of small businesses.

If one were to state that we should do away with The Department of Education, the response from others is likely to produce straw man arguments such as:  1. You don't believe in education?! 2. You want to privatize education?! 3. You are heartless for taking away from children's education!

The Department of Education does not educate anyone (as Mark Levin often reminds us).  The Department of No-Education takes resources from communities and states, spends some of those resources on overhead, and then redistributes those resources back to communities and states.  Extremely inefficient and usually counterproductive when administered at such a high level.  This is the job of a state level Department of Education.  If a particular state wishes to punish communities that educate their students well, and reward other communities for doing a poor job; that is the state's business to extract resources from one area and apply those resources elsewhere.  There is no reason why education should be managed from a top-down federal government bureaucracy.  Therefore, we are pro-education and believe that the federal education department should be closed.  Let states and especially local communities (parents, teachers, neighborhood's, etc.) manage this important aspect of society.

Due to the fact that we recognize that The United States of America is founded upon libertarian principles of individualism and conservative principles of family; we are also strong proponents of small businesses.  Without small (individual owned and family owned) businesses, there would be no large businesses.  Even before reading David Einhorn's Fooling Some of the People All of the Time, we were fairly certain that The Small Business Administration is ineffective and unnecessary.  After reading Einhorn's book, we now know that The Small Business Administration is counterproductive and primarily serves as a detriment to American small businesses (amongst other agencies such as The Export-Import Bank, and in large part The Department of Agriculture).  Small businesses succeed every day in this country due to individuals.  Small businesses pay onerous taxes every day in this country to pay for foolish government agencies to redistribute resources (after the overhead costs of operating a bureaucracy).  Bureaucracies have small businesses to thank for their existence.  Small businesses have bureaucracies to thank for higher taxes.  Has The Small Business administration at times helped small businesses succeed?  Of course, however as Thomas Sowell urges you to consider; "At what cost"?  If The Small Business helps one multi-million dollar organization succeed at the cost of billions of dollars, the result is still a net loss.


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