Monday, August 20, 2012

The Democratic Party Consistently Opposes Liberty

The Democrat Party is not "Democratic" at all.  Liberals are not liberal at all.  Progressives are not progressive at all.  The left is only a supporter of personal liberty when it involves terminating an unborn life.  Otherwise, Democrats do not promote or accept any type of "choice" whatsoever.    Liberal means being open to, and tolerant of, other opinions and views.  Classical Liberalism as a political philosophy means limited government and the utmost individual liberty so long as one does not infringe upon another's rights.  The Democrat party and the left wing are not "liberal" in either sense of the word.  Progressive means forward moving and advancing, however less liberty and more government is the opposite of advancement.  If the Democrat Party embraced personal liberty as would traditionally be expected from the left, they would not prevent one from having a choice in ones own medical care; they would not allow the TSA to harass and molest citizens; they would not prevent people from having a choice as to where they or their children attend school; they would not try to prevent freedom of speech just because they are in disagreement with that speech.  The modern Democrat Party in America is no longer Democratic, liberal, progressive, or even leftist:  The modern Democrat Party in America is is Statist and Authoritarian.


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