Sunday, August 26, 2012

MediCARE is Raided Over $700 Billion To Pay for ObamaTax


As a reminder, the Obama administration stole the $700 billion from Medicare to pay for their government takeover of the healthcare system without a plan to replace Medicare funding. Despite this fact, team Obama constantly claims ObamaCare will be better for seniors when the opposite is true.

The Congressional Budget Office has confirmed that ObamaTax (also know as the UNaffordable "Care" Act) will raid over SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS from our senior citizens to pay for a disastrous Democrat experiment.  Senior citizens have been paying into MediCARE their entire life, and to now defund MediCARE should be considered a criminal act.  Forget that health care costs and health insurance costs have skyrocketed (with even more velocity than before 2009) over the past three years.  Forget that ObamaTax adds 21 new taxes to an already struggling economy.  Forget that ObamaTax adds an endless bureaucratic maze that includes thousands of new IRS agents to comb through citizens tax returns and medical information.  Remember that ObamaTax cuts over $700 Billion from seniors that have been paying into and depend on MediCARE, and also implements IPAB (powerful unelected officials to further ration and restrain MediCARE spending indicating that it will probably not stop at $700 Billion) and robs benefits that rightly belong to our seniors.

From Heritage:

According to the CBO, the payment cuts in Medicare include:

Obama's Cuts to Medicare:Total Amount Cut by Service:
Hospital Services$260 Billion
Medicare Advantage (MA)$156 Billion
Home Health Services$66 Billion
Skilled Nursing Services$39 Billion
Hospice Services$17 Billion
Medicaid/CHIP$114 Billion
Other Services$33 Billion
DSH Payments$56 Billion


Anonymous said...

That's a fairly large amount of money to take out from the hospice services' budget. Makes me a lot more disappointed with our government's spending schemes.

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