Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Do Not Cry Wolf When There is No Wolf

Zerohedge takes on this (unbelievably irresposible attempt at journalism) by Reuters.  Apparently, according to Reuters "journalist" Patrick Temple-West, we are now supposed to believe that citizens "opposed to taxes and regulations" not only "pose a growing threat", but are also considered "anti-government extremists".  It truly is sad that they are trying to convince us that those who peacefully and legally attempt to promote a monetary policy of sound money, the Constitution, and government responsibility, accountability, and transparency are somehow "anti-government extremists".  Similarly, it is beyond sad when demagogues cry wolf and attempt to portray their opponents as racist for simply believing in conservative or libertarian views of limited government (that is, a federal government that operates within the limits of the Constitution and therefore within the confines of supreme law).


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