Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Doves and Hawks

With the Republican presidential candidates failing to prioritize strengthening the constitution and supporting term limits, and a Democrat party that refuses to acknowledge or respect the supreme law of the United States; one can only HOPE our central bankers will protect the integrity of our currency - but hope is as hollow as fear.

From ZeroHedge:

"the composition of the FOMC voting members changes drastically as of January 1, with Hawks Fisher, Kocherlakota and Plosser now out of the voting rotation, and replacing them will be the gaggle of ferocious doves Pianalto, Lockhart and Williams. In fact the only hawk left in the Fed as of today through the end of the year is Richmond Fed's Jeffrey Lacker who has shown substantial dovishness in the past. In other words, from a rotation of 7 and 3, the Fed is now uber-dovish by a 9 to 1 majority. So does this mean that printing is imminent? Stay tuned and find out in 3 short weeks: the January FOMC statement comes out on January 25. The only good news: Charles "the fire hydrant" Evans is finally out."


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