Friday, September 16, 2011

Sunset the Entitlements

We are now aware that the Social Security "lockbox" is a joke.  Social Security and MediCARE alike are ponzi schemes (it is actually worse, since most ponzi schemes are funded by willing participants, however we have no choice but to "invest" in Social Insecurity).  In theory, both are excellent concepts.  However, when both are mismanaged by the government to the extent that the wealthiest, most prosperous, country in the history of the world (for now) cannot meet its obligations, commitments, and promises to its own citizens without drastic currency debasement; there is a serious problem that must be rectified.  The United States federal government has made promises to current senior citizens, and those promises must be upheld.  For that reason, both programs should remain completely in tact - as is - for the next ten years.  Starting in ten years, the age to receive Social Security and MediCARE benefits should be pushed back one year, and one year every subsequent three years thereafter.

In ten years, roll back the age at which one can receive Social Security and MediCARE benefits by one year.  Continue to roll the age of eligibility back by one year every three years.  Sunset the statist national ponzi out of existence and stop making false promises to the citizens of the United States.  Allow them to make their own choices with their own money; allow them to take their own risks after assessing their own risk tolerances.  Allow them to take ownership of their own assets and leave those assets to others upon their departure.

This is one change that will help those that are currently depending on these benefits and have been depending on such benefits being available to them in their golden years. The younger the citizen; the longer she or he will have to plan for their own retirement. Other reformations can - and should - be added onto this sunset concept, however the bottom line is that we MUST protect our senior citizens from the false hopes and false promises given to them by their government.


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