Friday, May 20, 2011

The Health Care Debate

204 more waivers have been granted by the administration.  That is, health care waivers that the administration will only grant to those politically connected, now total 1,372 according to  This goes to show just how wonderful this legislation is (and the accompanying regulations are) that so many are seeking waivers.

If you are new to the health care debate and realize what is at stake, then we would highly recommend you consider the following:

1.  Health care costs have skyrocketed - far surpassing the rate of inflation - due to the actions of the federal government.

2.  The housing market has still not yet recovered - and 28% of homeowners now have mortgages with negative equity - mainly due to the actions of the federal government.

3.  With the obvious exceptions of defense, police, courts, and emergency services; the federal government is responsible for rising costs and diminishing quality of almost every aspect of our lives - agriculture, energy, education, transportation, labor, financial services, housinghealth care, etc - all the while eroding the value of the dollar and punishing those trying to save for the aforementioned products and services.  Mike Shedlock has stated that inflation "is a stealth tax on the middle class and poor whose wages never keep up with inflation".

Two phenomenal resources for reading up on the issue of health care are David Gratzer of The Manhattan Institute and especially Michael F. Cannon of The Cato Institute.  Both have provided extensive analyses as to why a free market overhaul of our health care system is needed--all while maintaining the promises made to our senior citizens.

Former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker has stated that the one domestic issue that puts our country at the greatest financial risk is health care.  He has also stated that the unfunded liabilities of Medicare are fives times greater than the unfunded liabilities of Social Security.  The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) has reiterated that unfunded liabilities of Medicare are approximately five times greater than Social Security.


jonwilson said...

Expect health care costs to skyrocket even more now as the U.S. enters a phase of economic turmoil due to excessive bad credit.

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Chris said...

The people need effective health care reforms and not those long debates. The government should have resolved these issue at this moment.

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Jeremy said...

As much as I'd like to be positive about this, the trend implies that it will only exacerbate in the coming months.
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nursing home said...

There's still a lot of issues that need attention. They need to come up with an ideal system.

daniellaprice30 said...

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