Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Economic Plunder Association

The Economic Plunder Association (also know as the "Environmental Protection Agency" by some) is still in the business of destroying jobs, stifling innovation, and suppressing economic growth in general.

Regardless of whether or not you believe that global warming is a hoax (imposed on society to suppress economic development) or that global warming is the biggest threat to our society and is currently destroying the planet: the underlying issue should still be minimizing pollution.  After all of the rhetoric: the underlying goal should still be to minimize pollution and waste. By minimizing pollution and waste, scarce resources are used with more discretion, which in turn benefits both the environment and the economy.  Deterring free markets and halting economic development will prevent innovation that would have otherwise ultimately helped the environment.

Free markets lead to innovation that help create a more efficient application of energy, and any other resource for that matter.  No one wants excess pollution.  No one wants more waste than absolutely necessary.  It is expensive both economically and environmentally.  Any resource that is privately owned or privately managed will always be applied with greater discretion.  Therefore private ownership should be encouraged and embraced.  The Economic Plunder Association / Environmental Protection Agency is yet another government mandated public effort that diverts the importance of the underlying issue and distorts the goals that would otherwise benefit everyone.


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