Monday, November 15, 2010

New York’s 25th Congressional District

Almost two weeks after the midterm elections, Congressional District NY-25 has yet to be decided.  The race is so close that the absentee ballots will ultimately determine the outcome.  The incumbent has apparently been in hiding ever since voting with the other Statists for a government takeover of our health care system.  One video from this Congressman meeting with his constituents shows not only an utter disregard for what the constituents want, but a complete lack of respect for his constituents. has been doing an excellent job of following this close race.  We can only hope that the people of this district have heeded the advice of a guest post on Lonely Conservative's website:

An Open Letter to Dan Maffei’s Constituents

To the People of Central New York:

Dan Maffei represents the uninformed and disillusioned in Central New York. He has voted – in lockstep with the Nancy Pelosi agenda – which has lead us to further and more intensive economic strain, both locally and nationally. This should come as no surprise, as the ruling class elites such Maffei have been told that an Ivy League education such as his allows one to make central planning decisions for ones constituency (instead of representing ones constituency as a representative, as was intended with our representative democracy). Maffei learned these tactics from one of Congress’ worst central planners: Charlie Rangel. Maffei has worked on Rangel’s staff and has even accepted campaign donations from Rangel. Rangel, as the Chairman of the committee to determine tax policy, has demonstrated egregiously hypocritical personal decisions (government subsidized Cadillac, four government subsidized apartments, and the failure to pay taxes on  numerous accounts and occasions) that should make him unfit for such a committee position and unfit to serve in the United States Congress. Certainly, this should also make him unfit to serve as our Congressional representatives mentor.

Dan Maffei has signed legislation that was advertised as a “stimulus bill”. This has proven to be an $800+ billion sham thus far. Maffei was either completely ignorant of the fact that his vote was being used to pad the government coffers of the likes of Rangel, Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, and Chris Dodd – or Maffei knew the outcome of this bill would not stimulate the economy or help the lower and middle class in financial turmoil. Although the Republican party has also been guilty in the past of running government deficits: the Republican party is currently correct that tax cuts for the middle class does far more economic stimulating than giving the same money to Pelosi, Rangel, Schumer, and Maffei to spend as they, the ruling class, see fit. The stimulus money that congress has allocated so poorly was a prime example of bureaucrats spending your money by throwing good money after bad, useless, and frivolous policies that have helped no one except corrupt politicians.

Maffei has made the atrocious decision to sign health care legislation that will only increase costs, and already has increased costs for some. This health care legislation is thousands of pages long and is purposely complex and confusing so that there will be as little resistance as possible to what is essentially a government takeover of the healthcare industry. Some health care professionals have already suspended the acceptance of Medicare and Medicaid patients as everyone realizes government involvement will only make things worse. How many more doctors will refuse accepting such patients? Or any new patients? Or retire altogether? Likely, the only doctors that support this plan are those who are currently without patients due to lack of skill. Not only does this legislation erode personal and economic freedoms; it gives more power, authority, and tax dollars to industries such as the IRS, Department of Health and Humans Services, and a host of other new government agencies that will only raise costs and be restrictive by nature. This legislation also means that a government bureaucrat will be responsible for rationing care. Rationing of resources exists in everyday life, as most resources (whether it be workers, cash, energy, food, health care, etc.) are limited. Before the healthcare legislation was signed, the health care consumers and the health care providers had far more control of the rationing whatever services deemed necessary. Now a government bureaucrat will decide who deserves what medicine, tests, treatments, or no medical help whatsoever. Now, we will all fear the day when a loved one (perhaps an elderly member of our family) has care refused  by the government appointed allocators of medical resources – of whom do not deem a patient’s life expectancy long enough or valuable enough to warrant the care that is needed.

Maffei sides with those who believe that “health care and health insurance are too expensive”, however this group of people (either knowingly or ignorantly) refuse to address the fact of the matter that is the government is the reason for these high costs. The government subsidies, provided to those who they see fit, raise costs for the rest of us. The government regulations imposed upon everyone – quite often arbitrarily – raise costs for everyone as such regulation takes the ability of the consumer/patient to decide what is, and is not needed, to treat an affliction. The government allows the special interest groups of big business and big labor to dictate policy – many of these special interest groups outside of Central New York have bankrolled Maffei’s campaign for re-election. The government refuses to enact tort reform on a national or state level. State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver works for the largest trial lawyer firm in the state, so therefore he and his Central New York ally within the New York State Assembly – Bill Magnarelli – will always block tort reform despite it being in the best interest of taxpayers, consumers, and patients. Dan Maffei has failed to address any of these factors and despite being one of few people with the means to confront the likes of Sheldon Silver and Bill Magnarelli; he has completely failed us in doing so.

This message written to you by an independent, middle class, taxpaying citizen with no affiliation to any Democratic, Republican, Liberal, or Conservative Party; no affiliation to any religious or political movement; no affiliation with any lobbyists or special interest groups; and no affiliation with any projects that are funded with government funds or suppressed by government funds. Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel have lead our Congress (both officially and unofficially) during one of the most corrupt, hypocritical, and irresponsible periods that most of us could have ever imagined. Therefore, a vote for Dan Maffei is a vote for the Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid agenda – an agenda that has proven to be not just ineffective, but disastrous. If history has taught us anything, it is that allowing government to allocate money and other resources from high upon the ivory tower to make decisions for the masses will only prove to be cataclysmic and catastrophic. A vote for Dan Maffei is a vote for the hypocritical ruling class elitists who believe that we, the constituents, work for Congress and indeed this could not be further from the truth. A vote for Dan Maffei is a vote for more government control, less government accountability, more government bureaucracy, less individual freedom, less economic opportunity, and more economic hardship for Central New York and the United States as a whole. For these reasons, I beg you to vote against Dan Maffei.


“Publius Siracusa”


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Thanks for the links. Looks like the majority of us took your advice! Now we just need to get ole Danny Boy to concede already!

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