Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sheldon Silver

Sheldon Silver (also known as "The Worst Politician in America"), lives up to his nickname as he continues to engage in activities that demonstrate a blatant conflict of interest and questionable business practices:

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver 'is the biggest enemy of reform
Shelly Silver, Public Enemy #1
Housekeeping needed in Albany leadership posts
Silver's $200 million slush fund
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is urged to tell all on his gold-lined stock portfolio
Share your secrets, Shelly: Silver must clear up possible conflicts of interest
Sheldon Silver's stock shares in 30 companies may be conflict of interest

Organizations seeking reform to prevent such conflicts of interest, such as NY Uprising, are attempting to implement "a comprehensive annual financial disclosure form that includes disclosure of outside income".  NY Uprising has compiled a list of those refusing to sign such reform, which consists of 92 Democrats and 15 Republicans.  Of course the worst politician in America and many of his close allies within the Assembly are amongst those refusing to sign the petition.

Further examples of this flagrant disregard of ethics and failure to act on the taxpayers interest:

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's firm gets cut of 9/11-suit payouts


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