Monday, August 2, 2010

Enough Already

As shown by Enough Already NY, we are subject to the following taxes:

Alcohol Tax
Cable TV Tax
Cell Phone Tax
City 911 Surcharge
City Sales Tax
City Utility Gross Receipts Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Electricity Tax
Entertainment Tax
FCC Subscriber and FCC Universal Charges
Federal Excise Tax
Federal Universal Service Fee
Gross Revenue Tax
Home Phone Tax
Hotel Occupancy Tax
Individual Income Tax
Motor Fuel Tax (Gas and Diesel)
MTA Commuter Transportation District Tax
MTA Excise Tax
MTA Payroll Tax
MTA Sales Tax
MTA Surcharge
Natural Gas Tax
Parking Garage Tax
Property Tax
Sales Tax on Supply and Delivery
Sales and Use Tax on Company Purchase
State 911 Surcharge
State and Local Sales Tax
State Surcharges
State Franchise Tax
Tobacco Tax
Weekday Peak-Hour Cab Surcharge
Weeknight Cab Surcharge
Other Miscellaneous Business Taxes
Other Miscellaneous Personal Taxes and Surcharges


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