Monday, June 28, 2010

The Worst Politician in America: Sheldon Silver


"Bill had labeled Sheldon Silver 'the worst politician in America.' The Speaker of the House in the NY State Assembly, Silver had blocked Jessica's Law and civil confinement legislation for sexually violent predators."


"During a Monday-night segment on bad politicians, Mr. O'Reilly stared into the studio camera and described Mr. Silver as "the worst politician in America" based on the Manhattan Democrat's reluctance to advance laws that would stiffen penalties for sex offenders."

"A spokeswoman for the Assembly's Republican minority, Kelly Cummings, declined to address Mr. O'Reilly's comments head-on. But she agreed with his assessment of the reason sex-offender bills have failed. "Certainly the Assembly Democrats are the lone obstacle in keeping these initiatives from becoming law in New York," Ms. Cummings said."

Said O'Reilly:

"Everyone should know that Sheldon Silver is blocking legislation that would protect children and be tougher on sex offenders. That's why we call this man the worst politician in office today."


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